Post Ranch Inn - The Big Sur

By Saturday, March 31, 2012

I have spent the past week or so of the Easter holidays in California. My friend Phoebe and I decided to take a trip up to San Francisco for Spring Break. We chose to drive and went and bought lots of yummy foods for the trip. I was in-charge of the cream cheese, prosciutto and avocado bagels which I took very seriously!!!

We decided very last minute that we would stop off at the Post Ranch Inn in the Big Sur for lunch, which would be just over half way into our journey. We took it upon ourselves to eat the bagels early on into the drive, to avoid wastage - a big relief that my work hadn't gone to waste!! 

We arrived feeling tired from the three and a bit hour drive, but were amazed at how beautiful the hotel was. We were greeted by four deer upon arrival which was a great start to our meal! The hotel had a rustic- chic feel to it and was surrounded by beautifully kept gardens. The restaurant was a small walk behind the hotel and has the most amazing view of the Pacific. The wooden panels contrasted beautifully with the giant glass windows and metal banisters. On a sunny day, the restaurant view is meant to be a great place to spot whales, however we had picked a stormy day to come visit!

We started the meal with some olives, humous and pickled cauliflower and carrots. The carrots were questionable, but the cauliflower looked very interesting and tasted absolutely delicious.

Phoebe had a curried Coronation chicken sandwich with chutney and almonds. She thought her meal had an interesting texture with the nuts and sweetness of the chutney - a good contrast.

I had the sliced steak with a reduced red wine sauce, blue cheese sauce, button mushrooms and roasted potatoes. The blue cheese sauce was a delicious combination with the red wine reduction and mushrooms, giving the meal a delightful richness.

It went down a treat!

All in all, we were very pleased with our lunch. The view was stunning even with the clouds! Sadly no whales were spotted. The meal added a bit of luxury and relaxation to a long day on the road.  Definitely a repeatable experience!

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