Tacolicious - Chestnut St, San Francisco

By Monday, April 02, 2012

We had a few hours left in San Francisco and decided we would walk up Chestnut Street - an area which was highly recommended to us by the family we were staying with for having lovely boutique shops and great restaurants. We were in desperate need of a restroom so daringly entered Tacolicious, after deciding we were in the mood for Mexican.

We chose to sit at the bar, where hanging just above us was the great declaration of 'fingers not forks'. We quickly learnt that this restaurant had a very authentic, relaxed approach towards Mexican eating.

No sooner had we sat down, we were brought delicious home-made chips with a spicy tomato salsa. The salsa was in all fairness pretty spicy, which isn't usually my thing, however the saltiness of the chips dulled down the spice.

We weren't hugely hungry, but knew we had to eat before our drive down to Santa Cruz. We decided on one
chicken tortilla each. One of these proved filling enough in itself. There was enough shredded chicken for two mini tortillas. On top was a few chunks of avocado and chopped parsley. Dressed with a bit of lime and green tomato salsa the meal was a winner. It was small enough to not leave us feeling bloated, but substantial enough for us to survive until dinner time!

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  1. Interesting post and great lunch! Looks delicious! Never been to S.Francisco but hope I will make it one day!