Ballymaloe Cookery School: Week 5

By Saturday, May 31, 2014

Another really beautiful week of weather here in Cork. We have been so lucky to have had all of this lovely sunshine... I am really hoping it will stay for the next two months! Everything is getting pretty real here now. We are five weeks in and are getting pushed more and more each day. We have our herb, lettuce and techniques exam on Friday, so the next week is going to be pretty intense! 

This week, Rory and Pam showed us how to fillet flat fish which is much, much easier than round fish! 

The little guy below was a Lemon Sole. I filleted it, sliced into strips and deep fried with a bit of spiced flour and milk to make goujons - delicious served with coriander aioli! 

This week had a seafood theme, as alongside the sole, we tackled oysters, muscles, clams, monkfish and even stingrays! 

Monday afternoon was great, as we had a whole demonstration dedicated to breakfast! I then made blueberry muffins, a orange and mint fruit salad, brown soda bread and an Irish breakfast (fried egg, bacon rashers, black and white pudding, tomatoes, mushrooms and sausages) the following day. 

However, my favourite demonstration this week has got to be 'Afternoon Tea'. Pat, the school's baking queen, ran us through how to make the perfect sponge, cupcakes, macaroons, meringues, drop scones and sandwiches! 

I managed to make another friend this week. Now, I don't know his name, but he clearly thinks of us as quite close, as he insists on handing me his paw each time we meet!

Tuesday morning was a really early start, as I was milking a cow...

Except, this time it was my mum's turn, as she came to visit for the week with all of my family. 

They all cycled over one lunchtime from Ballymaloe House to sample all of our hard work! 

It was my Mum's birthday, which we celebrated with an absolutely delicious meal at Ballymaloe House. It was the first time all of us had been together for quite some time, and it was so nice to show everyone around my new home! Along with the beautiful weather, great company and delicious food, we all had a really amazing time! 

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